Why do athletes procrastinate for 6 months before calling for a nutrition appointment?

Why do athletes procrastinate for 6 months before calling for a nutrition appointment?

Why do athletes procrastinate for 6 months before calling for a nutrition appointment?

I’ve been a sports nutritionist for 35 year now. During that time, both casual exercisers and competitive athletes have come to fully understand that nutrition offers the winning edge. But nutrition can also be the missing link. Any way you look at it, athletes need food to enhance performance, stay healthy, and healthfully endure this marathon called life.

So why do active people procrastinate for 6 months before making a nutrition appointment to get some food help? There are many reasons why, including—

–The person is embarrassed about his terrible eating habits.

–The person feels ashamed about her weight.

–The person is afraid the dietitian will tell him to stop eating his favorite foods.

–The person thinks she knows what to eat (and “just” doesn’t do so.)

The problem is, most active people don’t know what they don’t know. For example, if you have never met with a registered sports dietitian, you don’t know you have overlooked one of the best performance enhancers. You might want to find your local sports dietitian by using the referral network at www.SCANdpg.org!

No need to feel ashamed, embarrassed, or guilty about admitting you need food-help. This nutrition professional has undoubtedly heard it all before. You will not be the only athlete who struggles to eat a better sports diet or has gained weight when training for a marathon. A sports dietitian can teach you nutrition skills and eating strategies that work far more effectively than relying on your white knuckles and willpower.

Today is as good a time as ever to start eating proactively, to invest in higher energy and better performance, and stock-pile your body with good nutrition for injury prevention. You will be better-off improving your sports diet now, when you are healthy, rather than in reaction to “bad news”, when you get diagnosed with muscle strains, osteoporosis, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Is it time to let food be thy medicine?


Helpful book:

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook

Written by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD is an internationally respected sports nutritionist, weight coach, nutrition author, and workshop leader. She is a registered dietitian (RD) who is a board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). She is also a certified WellCoach. Nancy specializes in nutrition for performance, life-long health, and the nutritional management of eating disorders. She counsels both casual exercisers and competitive athletes in her private practice in the Boston area (Newton, MA). Some of her clients consider her to be their food coach, others their food therapist. Regardless, she enjoys the challenge of helping sports-active people transform their suboptimal eating habits into effective fueling plans. Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook, a best-selling resource, has sold over 550,000 copies and is now in it's new fifth edition.
Website: http://www.nancyclarkrd.com

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