For people who teach sports nutrition…

For people who teach sports nutrition…

For people who teach sports nutrition…

If you are asked to give a sports nutrition talk, don’t panic —and don’t re-invent the wheel. You can use my tried-and-true, readymade sports nutrition teaching materials. They are available on my website at an affordable price and will make your job easier.

A nice part about my ready-made presentations is you have my permission to tweak the content to suit your audience. That is, if you are giving a talk to the women’s cross-country team, you can insert photos of female runners. When talking to the football players, you can change the photos to football players. You can use school colors, insert some of your own slides, delete slides that may not fit for your audience, etc. You get a ready-to-use program with flexibility.

I have two Sports Nutrition Powerpoint presentations. One is in a quiz format that engages high school and college athletes. It addresses their questions and concerns about protein, pre-game meals, recovery foods, sports drinks and weight management. The 35-slide presentation lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how much discussion you encourage.

The second Sports Nutrition Presentation has a lecture format (75 slides) that you can easily break into short modules on carbohydrates, protein, pre-game meals, recovery, fluids, caffeine, vitamins/supplements, weight reduction and weight gain, plus more.

The presentation on Food, Weight & Exercise: Finding the Right Balance is geared towards weight-conscious athletes. It addresses issues created by our weight-obsessed society, including body image and dieting backlash. It teaches dieters how to eat healthfully and appropriately, so they can lose weight without losing energy to exercise.

My set of 16 ready-made, ready-to-duplicate-and-distribute Sports Nutrition Handouts is another time-saver. Each handout is on a topic of interest to athletes, be it Top Sports Foods, Recovery Nutrition, Tips for how to Gain Weight Healthfully, and Advice for Family and Friends of Athletes with Eating Disorders. You can purchase all 16 or pick and choose the topics of particular interest to your audience.

If you are looking for a textbook,my best-selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook is popular with high school students, community colleges, and non-nutrition majors. It’s an inexpensive keeper; only $20! When you adopt the book for a class, you get access to an instructor’s guide that comes with activities, quizzes, and discussion points.

For an Online Sports Nutrition Workshop, you’ll likely enjoy this popular workshop co-presented with exercise physiologist John Ivy PhD. It is an excellent course for RDs who want to get more involved with sports nutrition, as well as a refresher course for any health professional or athlete who wants to make sure they are up to date. RDs and members of ACSM, NASM, and ACE can earn 10 hours of continuing education. (We recorded the workshop in 2017).

If you are looking for a sports nutrition speaker, consider inviting me! I welcome opportunities to speak at conferences and dietetic association meeting. You can contact me via email ( or phone (617-795-1875).

With best wishes for success with your sports nutrition educational efforts,


Written by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD is an internationally respected sports nutritionist, weight coach, nutrition author, and workshop leader. She is a registered dietitian (RD) who is a board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). She is also a certified WellCoach. Nancy specializes in nutrition for performance, life-long health, and the nutritional management of eating disorders. She counsels both casual exercisers and competitive athletes in her private practice in the Boston area (Newton, MA). Some of her clients consider her to be their food coach, others their food therapist. Regardless, she enjoys the challenge of helping sports-active people transform their suboptimal eating habits into effective fueling plans. Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook, a best-selling resource, has sold over 550,000 copies and is now in it's new fifth edition.

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